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Since this will be my online journal, I would like to discuss things that pertain to my everyday life; I mean, that’s what I am supposed to do on a blog right?

First:  The company I work for purchases season tickets to all Michigan games.  No one else wanted the tickets to the Appalachia State game, so I took two and I invited a friend who loves going to the games.  Little did I know, this would be the game from hell.  Let me first preface this by saying that while I am a U of M fan, I completely enjoy watching the game and not becoming a wholehearted participant and victim of it.  By victim, I mean screaming your ass off at the game or while watching the game on television and sounding like someone is murdering or raping you.  I do have some acquaintances that take the game a bit too seriously; I believe….IT’S JUST A GAME.  Yes, I acknowledge it is someone’s livelihood and that people donate money to the football program, however, calm down; we are all still alive and breathing (and some are even kicking).  Just a game.

Well, my friend Burrill came to the game with me. If you are a season ticket holder, you may have seen him around the stadium, in the stadium, etc. as he sports a pretty awesome self decorated, Bo Schembechler signed, helmet. I am never ashamed to walk around with Burrill (Boo) or be seen with him; he is just that amazing, folks. No more chasing rabbits, we were at the game, enjoying the weather, Michigan had just scored, things were as expected. This folks, is when the heartburn started kicking in….ASU scored their first touchdown right after us; within the first quarter, with almost no effort…I was instantly transported to an Eastern Michigan football game….oh, the horror.

I have to skip the pain, by the last play, Boo had his head in his hands and didn’t want to look up, but he did only to see ASU take the ball from us and almost score another touchdown. The ripples of Saturday are still being talked about today. How do people here feel? It’s like the cousin who destroyed his sister’s wedding cake, the worst most embarassing moment you can think of from high school, the only childhood memory that still makes you twitch, you just don’t talk about it. As Boo and I walked from the stadium, it was too quiet. We heard the Bongo guy, though; I appreciated him, he made me smile….I needed it.

Excuse me, miss. I think my Wolverine is broken.

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What’s My Age Again?

I don’t know why, but I decided to start keeping an online blog of my own journal entries.  We will see where I go from here.  Most people say that you live life in a circular fashion, and so far, I am keeping in that tradition.  I have read several of my old journal entries from the past decade and I am still seeking the same thing; strange…but still quite true.  I had hoped that I would one day be a new thing, but for now, I will see where this goes.

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