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Hmmm, I was debating on whether or not to put this one up, however, I was recently visiting my least favorite place on earth (that I have experienced at least), the Doctor’s office.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my physician, I just don’t like what she has to say about the things that I have to change and the things that are definitely wrong with me.

After getting a referral to the dermatologist, I had an epiphany…NO ONE HAS EXCELLENT SKIN!  I mean, mine may be faulty, but even though the camera closes in a bit too close on those superstars and their faces look angelic…there is no way of knowing how much cement is going on those faces.  Well…anyways, my work is mainly my face.  I have what are called keloids underneath my chin they will have to be removed with a laser or steriods.  Oooh, steriods; like I need that right now.   While I am a bit nervous, my main concern is if my medical benefits will cover something cosmetic; these keloids aren’t harming my health, they just make me look grotesque from the side; (I’m so not kidding; I refused to take a side shot of myself until they are removed).

I must feel oh so comfortable with each one of you since I am mentioned in great detail something unwanted that must be removed from my body.  Either that, or I really don’t care what you think.  Draw your own conclusions; I only list the possibilities.

Until next time.


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Tomorrow is the first day of classes yet again for this weary girl who has been at it for over ten years.  Is it really worth it to finish?  Yes, I tell myself.  I refuse to be stuck in Michigan forever trying to finish this degree and my reward will be oh so much sweeter if I just finish.  My reward, you ask?  It is a two week trip to the south of France or a two week trip to Europe…haven’t decided yet. 

So, I will endeavor to spend MORE money on something I have no interest in getting (oh wait, am I interested again?) in order to leave my home state…and leave Michigan, too.  Get it?

Well, fall could be filled with oh so many other things wonderful for me; my trip to Germany, my many planned autumn adventures, retreats, my possible work with my church’s youth group…there are so very many possibilities.  I simply must fit school into it somewhere.

Time to go make BLT’s.

Happy Fall Planning Everyone.  Make it Good.

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