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Silly Day, Room Inventory!

Hee! Because I have decided to make an effort to write an interesting entry almost everyday, I have opted to share my room inventory with you.  No, no, it’s not going to be some boring list of everything, these are some key items in my room that have particular importance to me:

* Olga – This is my cello.  Well, not really my cello.  It belongs to EMU, however, they haven’t called or written about it and I already graduated with a B.A. degree free and clear; for all intents and purposes…it’s mine. 🙂

* CD Rack – These CDs contain millions upons millions of memories.  There are some amazingly crazy CDs (Thee Spivies, “The 60s” Soundtrack, Five Iron Frenzy, The Elms, Point of Grace) in this collection that have made me smile, laugh, cry, and want to destroy things.  I love this collection, but I hardly ever take them off the rack now since all the music is on my iPod… except Point of Grace.

* Worship Team Folder – This folder contains some memories of my college ministry’s worship songs that have been sung over the past 10 years; amazing huh?  There are also songs that friends have written as well as some of my own music inserted in the flaps.

* My Dresser – Not just any dresser.  This dresser was my great grandmother’s.  Sure the knobs definitely need to be replaced, but it has character!  There are secret notes hidden in every drawer and jewelry from my grandmother kept on top.  Currently, my travel books to Germany occupy a portion of the dresser and a case containing trinkets from my past (notes from a Marine I will probably never get to meet) that hold some pretty interesting secrets.

* THE Ikea DVD Case (cue the heavenly chorus, please).  This six drawer case, oh man, I must be crazy, contains over 100 of some of my favorite DVDs.  Seriously, if you saw my collection, you would seriously question my sanity….and my faith.  Hey! Just being honest.  Some of the shockers I own:  Monster’s Ball, Secretary, Taking Lives, Big Trouble in Little China, Cold Mountain.  I am also a LOTR fan, Pride & Prejudice fan, and of course (hello!) an Alias fan.

* The Book Shelf – Over the past 10 years, I have accumulated the “typical” Christian books that you would see on any believer’s bookshelf.  While there are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule, I have at least four C.S. Lewis Books; Elisabeth Elliot books; 3 books from the ‘Left Behind’ series; a Frank Peretti book; and of course….The Bible, Concordance, Bible Dictionary; and at least seven journals from the last 13 years of my life.  There are old course books, two Dan Brown books, chord books, magazines, and a ton of Calvin & Hobbes.

* My Bed.  This is the first major major purchase of 2006 I made…the next was my computer, then my car, but I really needed a new bed.  Yet again the previous bed belonged to my great grandmother (you can imagine how uncomfortable it was in more ways than one!) and had served me very well since I was in junior high….whoa.  This new one, I went all out.  I spoiled it and purchased a beautiful comforter/bed spread. (A picture can be found below).

* My laptop and external hard drive – I think this would have to be one of the most valuable things in my room because of all the pictures that are contained on the external hard drive.  Every since my friend Lisa passed away, I have really never been anywhere without my camera, taking pictures of the most mundane things, to special events like weddings, parties, and work outings. 

* Veron – My sweet guitar.  When I got my first substantial tax refund, I took the opportunity to begin my music career.  I purchased my first guitar over 4 years ago.  She has been the source of joy, frustration, and tears.  I don’t know who I would have become if I hadn’t been able to write music and express myself through her.  Maybe someday, she will have a companion….I will call him Compy (for compliment).

That’s it for my room inventory.  I haven’t covered everything, but those are the most prominent items of substance in my room and I am glad to have shared them with you.

Olga & The Bed with The SpreadOlga & The Bed Spread

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