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It recently occurred to me that I have been letting myself be rushed along in life in accordance with what other people are doing and how they are living.  Oh fudge, I guess I have to explain why I am going through this current train of thought.  It is time for my 10 year high school reunion.  It’s this weekend and I am NOT going.  Why?  I am too scared of the fact that I haven’t accomplished enough to go back there just yet.  Stupid answer? Yes.  Original Answer?  No.  I think a lot of people have avoided their reunions (or other types of situations) with different sets of people because society and even their own peers have told them (indirectly) that they could have done so much more with their lives by now.  For me, I have been noticing so many people backing out of the high school reunion because of the fact that they have a new baby on the way, or no babysitter.  Some other reasons for being unable to attend was living in other countries, states, on vacations, or the expense of the reunion fee, ($50 by the way…ewww).  So what?  Why am I so scared of everything?

Not too much has changed for me since high school.  I am still quite single, can’t picture what I want my own wedding to look like, never even thought about having children.  Should I be in a different country conquering all that my eyes rest upon!?  Should I have had amazing adventures and at least two well paying jobs by now?  By American Dream standards….yes.  By Jennifer Jones Superdiva standards, um, hell no. 🙂

I really am starting to believe that my time is God’s timing for me.  I have had this problem with comparing my life to other people’s lives for a while now.  It has kept me from enjoying the people and the things around me and I have let them pass me by because I did not know how to react to them.  Sure, I wish that I could have had two well paying jobs by now, been through at least one serious boyfriend, or even married, but that is not the plan that The Father has had for me….yet.  I enjoy seeing Him work his ways through the lives of others and myself and how perfect He is at it.  Has anyone ever noticed that?  I’m not talking about it always being absolutely beautiful and flowery all the time, I am just talking about how perfect His timing is for everyone.  So, as awkward as it’s definitely going to be tomorrow night, I fully intend on making a genuine effort (because I never know what I may decide to do) to go see the high school peeps at the Cavern Club tomorrow night after 9pm.  Who knows what will happen…I sure don’t, but at least I will make the point at displaying God’s handiwork and his perfection in His creation…Him giving me strength in my weakness.

In closing, (y’all need to rent/watch “Thou Shalt Laugh”, Michael Jr.) I live at home (*gasp*), I have another year of college (*double gulp*), I have absolutely no male prospects (ok, I am fibbing a bit, but truthfully, I let that Marine go a while back), AND…I am a reflection of Him who put some really awesome peace in my heart.  Who knows where He will take me. But….I will definitely let you experience some of the voyage.  Oh, if you sometimes get seasick, you may not want to take part in my voyage; I have a lot of bumps along the way…..

Blog for Next Time:  TV/Movies/Music — their parallel to everyday life, love, happiness, and stupidity (no, I’m not kidding, that’s my next silly blog)

P.S.  Sorry to those who have seen the movie “Fallen” with Denzel Washington and got creeped out by the title.  I meant to do that. MUWAHAHAHA.


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