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I am currently maxin’ and relaxin’ here in my grandfather’s old easy chair resting my bum that will soon be smaller than it was.  Why?  Because this Bunny jabs and weaves now with her pink kickboxing gloves.  That’s right my dear friends, I am now in a kickboxing class.  Why?  Because I strive to look like Halle Berry….well, not at this particular time since she is with child, but I think you get my drift!

So today, friends of mine Annette and Laura and I went to this Martial Arts Advantage place on Jackson Road.  I was really not sure what to expect, as I was getting pretty intimidated by the guy right outside the building working out with a pair of what looked like rope that he was swinging around with the greatest of ease.  He proceeded to go inside to do these amazing stretches and I started assuming that he was our instructor and that this would not be the easiest of classes.  Small but effective, our group started preparing with the wrapping of our wrists, then we proceeded out onto the mats.

What happened after that could honestly be a blur because the warm up in itself could have been my workout.  With the songs of Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Nelly Furtado, I could have easily lost 2 pounds by vomiting up what I ate for lunch five hours prior to the class…however, somehow I managed to get through the warmup.  Now for the embarrassing portion.  I lost weight.  NO! Not during the kickboxing, but prior to wearing my workout pants this afternoon and also the fact that the elastic was giving way; OoPs.  Picture Jenny, putting on her boxing gloves trying to open her water bottle.  Picture Jenny’s workout pants being so loose that she attempts to pull up her pants with her gloves on.  Picture Jenny taking off her gloves every two minutes and then having one of the instructors help her get the glove back on!  It didn’t stop there.  I almost had to abandon doing the kicking for fear that my pants would fall to the floor; hmmm, the whole point of kickboxing! 😦

We finished the experience with an interesting mix of yoga and stretching.  This was my favorite part.  I seem to enjoy strengthening and stretching.  We proceeded to work out the hamstrings and then we were finished.  I can honestly say, I have never been worked that hard.  Our instructor was telling us that he helped train a group of high school football players who came into the class pretty cocky and left groaning and panting for air. 

Ahh, cardio actually CAN be fun.  Yes, I said it.

Long live my pink kickboxing gloves!


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