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Good Evening, Folks.  I haven’t been blogging lately because lately, I have bogged down with planning for Germany.  My friend whom I am going to see in Germany told me about this group called ‘ALO’ or ‘Animal Liberation Orchestra’.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  From the name, I was thinking it would be Emo.  I was definitely wrong.

My favorite song on the album right now is called “Barbeque”….

The road is long and windy
Like a good mystery unfolding
It twists and turns
In colorful subplots and sunburns
And fake out endings
And sometimes my patience in the whole process starts bending
As I attempt to unravel the web
By rehearsing and reversing and perversing and traversing
Along the doubt laden extension chord threads
Of my life
And in this life we're free to dream what ever we want to
But that doesn’t' mean that your dreams are gonna come true
Instead as a way of getting us to move
Life dangles your dreams in front of you
And unable to resist the temptation
We continue
And it's clear to me that this life is gonna be
All about the dangling possibilities that keep turning in and turning out
Yes it's clear to me that this life is gonna be all
About the dangling possibilities that keep turning in...
The road is long and windy
Full of twists and turns
But before you can rise from the ashes
You've got to burn baby burn
Welcome to your Barbecue
Where we roast all the dreams that never came true
Welcome to your Barbecue
Pig out and dream a new
Welcome to your, welcome to your, welcome to your barbecue...

I encourage each of you to dream away and I really really hope to see you soon. In the meantime, consider listening to ALO. 🙂 Happy Sparkly, shiny, pretty thoughts everyone…..

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