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Shortest blog you will ever read from me:

Just asking for CALGON to take me away.  I feel like butter spread over too much bread…I feel like one of those oozy cheeses that is going everywhere.  I feel like some people just don’t think about what they say that will affect other people and their sensitivities and that upsets me.

I will be as vague as possible. Why?  Because it’s my blog.  And I can do #$@! well what I please.  That’s why.



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Germany Part 2

Seligenstadt was our first stop.  I must say this was an awesome introduction to Germany.  Bekah, Sarah, and I were determined to stay awake so that we would adjust to the time difference.  Seligenstadt was one of those little towns that you wish you could experience every little crevice however, you only had so much time.  Matthias was really busy that day, and spent most of the time on the phone as we walked around.  We finally made our way to the edge of the city and arrived at the river.  On the other side, we could see the ferry boat that was equipped to take possibly 1-2 cars and bicycles and people.  This is where we first met up with Matthias’ family, we got to see the Kuykendalls once again, and decided to find a place to eat.  We found an outdoor German restaurant (I have already forgotten the name!) and it was directly across from a montastery….so awesome.  It was at this restaurant that I experienced my first Schnitzel dish.  My father taught me that you should never eat anything bigger than your head.  I was really really lucky this day because the Schnitzel was 30% smaller than my head…but it was a pretty big piece of Schnitzel…

We decided we should walk off that meal by strolling around the city and came into the main area of Seligenstadt which was a large area that was filled with booths of people selling random trinkets…aka – A Flea Market.  It was just as I had imagined it; a quaint little village bustling with tourists, residents, old people, and plenty of music and stores on all sides.  I grabbed a city brochure and strolled through the neighborhood.  Gunther (Matthias’ dad) decided he would treat everyone to ice cream from one of the oldest ice cream shoppes in town, and we all walked out with ice cream cones and smiles going through the village and then venturing into the monastery’s huge and beautiful well kept garden.  I took a picture with Beata (Matthias’ mom) and continued to enjoy this wonderful first day.  We all walked through and ended our trip in Seligenstadt by jumping onto the ferry that would take us into Karlstein; the city that we would stay in for the wedding. 

Once in Karlstein, we were acquainted with Mary und Carl.  Mary und Carl have the 3 story duplex that I wrote about earlier (3 stories of heaven) and they were kind enough to let Sarah, Bekah, and I have free reign of the basement and second floor.  Mary made sure that we had plenty of water…as well as chocolate at our fingertips.  Directly behind their house was the Heilos home where we would enjoy a small but typical light German dinner with the family later in the evening.  We then had a few beers with dinner (it’s a German tradition and requirement as far as I’m concerned) and went back to Mary und Carl’s. 

The next day, we traveled to the city where the wedding reception would be held, Aschaffenburg.

Weiner Art - Schnitzel

Matthias und Leslie

Monastery Garden

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Germany Part 1

It has been far too long, people.  I have lost my urge to say “Ja” to just about everything, some of my favorite German phrases still remain, however, things that Beata taught me (Matthias’ mother) are quickly fading.  I still remember how to say “one moment please”, and “thank you for the water”, though:  eine moment, bitte/danke fur das wasser.

I believe that this trip will require the expertise of “Creative Memories” in order for me to get all of my pictures, momentos, and little trinkets from along the way altogether and in some semblance of order.  I just need to find someone that does Creative Memories….I am SURE I can find someone.

Let’s take the long way around the adventure, shall we?

Leaving the office for a week was one of the greatest moments in my entire life; if only it was for much….much longer.  I remember going out with the guys to eat at Chipotle (one of my personal favorite places to eat), and then finally going to see Transformers at Showcase…for only $5! Tuesday specials with IMAX are awesome, people.  Anyways, knowing that I didn’t have to work in the morning and my flight didn’t leave until 1pm, and having been packed for the past two days (this NEVER happens; that is how excited I was), I got to sleep in, do laundry to put away and chill out.  Little did I know, the Detroit Metro Airport was about to happen to me.

Check in and finding my way to the gate to meet with Sarah was fine, being stuck on the runway was something I had not thought about.  To begin with, Sarah and I (the girl I traveled with to Germany) only had an hour and fifteen minutes to get through JFK airport.  We were stuck on the runway in Detroit for one hour.  Beautiful people, do the math.  Could one really navigate through NYC’s JFK airport in fifteen minutes!? Ummm, no.  So, we were finally able to find our way to the Lufthansa terminal and get to the main desk.  What transpired there could only be explained as Divine Intervention as with MUCH reluctance, the lady decided to allow us to get onto the next flight leaving for Frankfurt and not charge us for not giving ourselves enough time to get through the airport.  I say Divine Intervention for 1) She got us on the next flight without charging us even though she REALLY wanted to, and 2) I didn’t get arrested because I really wanted to climb over the counter and squeeze her head till it popped off.  The 3rd will be separate as the airline double booked our seats….

We arrived in Frankfurt a full 3 hours late leaving Leslie and Matthias’ wondering where we were since we couldn’t contact them to let them know we would be late.  Nevertheless…we arrived…just without our luggage.  It just doesn’t end, folks.  We found out our luggage went with a later flight, so we decided to come back to claim our luggage later since we still had to pick up Bekah. 

Leslie und Matthias’ apartment was sweet and cute and we were glad we packed a few toiletries in our carry on along with some clothes as we were able to settle somewhat and then head back to the airport.  We got Bekah and our luggage and proceeded to our first small German city stop: Seligenstadt. 

This concludes the 1st part of the Germany experience.  Please flip yourself over to read the next entry on Sunday, October 21st.

Let’s Wink On It

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I Am Dreaming

I am currently typing this blog from Karlstein near Dettingen in Germany, folks.  This trip has been an absolute dream.  As much as I would like to put up photos from my trip right now, I am not able, however, my next blog will be from home and I do hope to put up a ton of pictures.

To summarize my last three days, I left the country, missed a connection, lost my luggage temporarily, and have a group of wonderful people I can call family.  Learning German isn’t necessarily the hardest thing right now, it is accepting the kindness of strangers that I can now call friends. 

I did not know what to expect when I arrived in Frankfurt, we missed our connecting flight and didn’t have a way of contacting Leslie and Matthias, so we just hoped they were still at the airport waiting for us.  We got to them and made our way into Frankfurt to see their apartment and learn about the subway system.  We then traveled to a nearby city called Seligenstadt and had lunch with both families of the wedding and walked around.  Being here is simply like a dream….crazy but true, you cannot take a bad picture here in Germany…at least in the country.  🙂  That evening was rounded out by having a small tradition German dinner of bread, sausage, slices of ham, butter, and cheese.  Matthias’ parents’ neighbors offered to let us stay with them….beautiful house (three stories of heaven).  You shall see pictures later.

The wedding day was absolute chaos at first, however, it gave way to relief once things happened.  Leslie looked breathtaking and my solo was made that much harder by looking in their direction.  I really didn’t think it would be that difficult.  When she was walking down the aisle, I just got so mad that Lisa wasn’t there to see it, I began to cry.  Because of that teary moment, when I had to sing, it made it all the more difficult.  Matthias’ surprise to Leslie turned out great and she was so surprised!  If you are wondering what Matthias did, just watch a YouTube short of the ‘Love Actually’ wedding scene….’All You Need Is Love’.

The wedding reception was glorious.  An urban looking room with roses, gerber daisies, tall stems, chrysanthyms, and gladiolas filled the tables, lots of candles, peach colors, and yellows filled the room.  Directly outside the main dining area was a waiting area where they served champagne and we toasted in German and Englisch Leslie and Matthias’ marriage.  For dinner, they transformed the room and well….you get it…it was such a gorgeous lavishly decorated wedding.

The party afterward lasted until about 4am, between 11 and 4, little pranks and jokes were played, a group of us did shots in front of the guests, Matthias did a little striptease, Leslie did a public dance to ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’, and Bekah, Sarah, and I made drunk stupor poses (we weren’t drunk, but very happy).  German tradition stands as having your parents sit up front with you, not your wedding party…good custom.

Well…I am going back to my room to get ready for another fun evening…I believe we are going back to Seligenstadt to shop for all you wonderful people back home and then visit a great Irish Pub.

Ich bin zat!  Ich bin voll!  🙂  Das ist guht!

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