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What is it?  How come we cannot really define it? Is it meant to be defined?  Is it meant to be accomplished in this life? Can we really do it well?  Will we truly ever find it?  Can it be the one thing that keeps us all sane and alive?  Can we stop it?  Can we be in love with it?  Is it a requirement for this lifetime? Can I be free of it?  Must I constantly run after it?  Can it be the same as the type as everyone else has?  Does it have to be with just one person?  Will it ever one day be just like it is in the movies?  Will we ever want it as bad as the feeling of lust?  Does it have the power to break us?  Can we really be forever changed by it? Can it one day have the power to save us?  Can we mend others with it? May we spread it all around? Can we allow it to help us live well?

Really?  Love, tell me, is it possible?

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