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This morning, I am thinking about the book of Hosea.  I am thinking about God’s calling to Hosea to take an unfaithful wife, and the true feelings that he would have had for her.  I understand that the marriage is symbolic of God’s relationship with Israel, however, I would like to focus on the obedience factor of looking at the story from a perspective of Hosea marrying a woman that he knows is unfaithful to him.  Is there really love there, or does it bloom later?  How do you love someone that has been unfaithful and/or will be unfaithful to you in the future?

This will be a short and hopefully sweet entry.  I was mentioning a few days ago the topic of trust.  We are a people who really do have to make that choice to trust others.  When circumstances occur where someone has been untruthful/unfaithful to us, how do we go about loving that person?  I mean, we really do trust the loved ones in our lives with quite a bit.  Within a marriage, we really trust that person with all that we are and all that we hope to be.  We lean on them as they lean on us.  The thought of “being in it together” immediately comes to mind.   If we have given ourselves over to another in love and trust and the other person in turn says that that love and trust aren’t enough for them, how do we still have a favorable outlook of love and of God?

I cannot answer my own question even to my own satisfaction, however, I will say that God is in the business of miracles, of changing lives, and of changing hearts.  If the Lord wills it to be, He can make it happen.  If He wills it, He can cause a faithful spouse to continue loving and cherishing the marriage involving an unfaithful spouse.  I really think that with God, there is hope for a perfect world.  If He can will a heart to love one that betrayed another and turn that relationship around…I have a rejuvenated hope of heaven and perfection.  Think about it.  Would you, alone, without God, take an unfaithful spouse, knowing that your heart could be at risk?

I already know I couldn’t do it without God.

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As I awakened Tuesday morning, my heart was full of dread.  I remembered that it was election day and that I was supposed to get out of my house at 6:30 a.m. and wait in the lines.  I gave up and slept until about 7:35 a.m.  Why?  Because I remembered that even though I may not like who would be elected President on Tuesday, I knew and trusted the One who made the one who is going to be taking office next year.

My sense of dread did not stop as I drifted into my office 5 minutes late (voters were crossing the main intersection causing mass chaos) and got to my desk.  I was trying to figure out how to calm my nerves and normally music does it for me.  But then I realized that it shouldn’t just be any music.  I had to worship God at my desk today.  I could feel that He wasn’t done putting this peace of His in me so that I could focus on the task at hand.  I realized that it had to be worship that I hadn’t heard in a while, worship songs that I remember that changed the way I felt about Him.

About a week and a half ago, a friend handed me a book called ‘Redeeming Love’.  The ‘fictional’ book is basically the re-telling of the book of Hosea.  Seriously, no names had been changed to save the innocent (let’s face it, none of us are innocent) and so one of the main characters was named Michael Hosea.  I am at the 1/2 way point of the book and am realizing how screwed up our hearts are and how our hearts sometimes refuse the pure nourishment of Christ; I mean, we don’t even recognize love when it pulls us out of gut-wrenching painful moments to bring us into healing.  This remembrance came during work, and I was remembering the character of Michael Hosea and his unfailing love for this woman that just kept treating him like crap.  She wanted to care, but she didn’t even care enough to remember to care.  (Does that even make sense!?)  Anyways, when I thought of this enduring love that Michael Hosea had for Angel/Sarah/Amanda (whatever her name is!), I just feel head over heels in love with my Savior once again.  Yes, my fickle little heart remembered how many times He had saved me; that He was so deserving of worship and how I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT TO BE WITH HIM AT ANY MOMENT OF ANY DAY; HE IS JUST TOO GOOD FOR ME.  I deserve the pain, the suffering, the agony…but for some reason, God said ‘don’t touch her, she’s mine, and I love her.  She is worth everything I own and everything I am….I would die for her.’

So now, after typing all this out, I once again realize (and I can’t make a good enough point to you) that He is the reason you’re reading this; you were meant to.  I just wanted to express my heart, but He had a purpose for you reading it and you feeling what you feel right at this second.  I feel unworthy and confused….but I accept His love with my whole heart; and I will worship Him without shame because He took my shame from me and made it into something beautiful.  He took the shame I identified with and transformed it into a boldness to share with you that God is not mocked and He is not fooled.  He can see right through you and bring you to your knees because He knows your heart; He knows your secrets…and He still loves you.

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