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Brenda and Dale had an existence separate from each other until, of course, they found each other in 2008.  A simple life made complicated is how I will classify it.  They didn’t know hardships and joy until they found each other.  The catch is, as in most relationships, is that each one had certain expectations and limitations when they went into the relationship.  I think, they each thought that they could change the other person’s mind if given enough time.  Such is the folly of our stubborn minds and our willful hearts.

Three years later, a break occurred that neither of them could mend and certain limitations and expectations from the past were brought up.  Even though an acknowledgment of love for one another was shared, in the end, the path they once walked together became two separate paths in different directions.

Yes, these are two people that I know.  Yes, they went into a relationship with hopes, which are not wrong, but I tend to have reservations when we believe that we can change a person simply by spending time with them in a relationship.  It’s not just an intent to help the person along that helps, the person that you are trying to spend that time with needs to want to change.  If they don’t wish to, you are wasting your time. In this case, some would think that three years was wasted.

How is this a post about love?  This would be a post to go along with the second day:  you cannot expect love to accommodate you, you must accommodate and make changes for love…and you must be willing (both parties) to make those changes.  I think that both people have to be of the same accord in order for love to move in and leave its mark; take up its proper real estate.

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I was trying to do an “afternoon edition” of my blog, however, time got away from me (NAP!) and I ended up making it my regular night-time edition.  While I love to share about my experiences from the conference, I want to make it clear that I encourage everyone whether they are at a conference or just during their regular work week…to JOURNAL.  You cannot imagine what can be revealed to you by you and Lord when you look at old journal entries, or just get all of your emotions and reasonings on paper.  Just journal.  🙂

We were truly blessed by Reuben Morgan and Ben Fielding of Hillsong, and Kari Jobe sharing and giving of their gifts in worship this morning.  I am a strong advocate of keeping things simple.  Just having two guitars, a box drum, and three voices was just right to start the morning.  It was such a treat to be able to have them come and lead.  I have never seen them lead worship, but have been hearing about them for years now.  I decided to attend the workshop with WorshipTogether which featured Reubs, Ben, and Kari.  Perhaps at first it was just me wanting to be in the same room with them (haha – transparency!), however, I learned a great deal about not only their songwriting process, but the review process of their music.  Ben, Reuben, and Kari made it very clear the importance of accountability, feedback, wise counsel, and room for criticism when writing music.  If we don’t have that system of checks and balances, we can fail to see how one line of a song or maybe even a chorus may be misunderstood or be inapplicable to those hearing it and singing it.  Lastly and I think something that is extremely important to worship leaders at churches everywhere, is that we need to be in touch and in tune with the needs, the story, and the environment of our church.  If you have a very large church, one could understand that you wouldn’t know everything about everyone, however, know about the things going on within your team, your small group, or your bible study.  Know how you can pray and help them; write songs that encourage and build up your church body.  Be His hands and feet.  It literally means the world to them.

After a wonderful lunch of Chick-Fil-A (YEAH BABY!) I made my way to the Exhibition Hall to check out ‘All Sons and Daughters‘.  Not the ‘Sons and Daughters’ that later became ‘Watermark’, but Leslie Jordan and David Leonard who were recently signed to Integrity Music.  Permit me to be odd for a moment – their sound is like harmonies that were born to dance and be one together; it’s a marriage harmony.  Such beauty between those two with their words and their honest precious presence.  I have their EP and will be craving a listen when I return home.  They have such a beautifully warm aura.  After that, I proceeded to rest, ,reflect and take inventory of the week thus far and went back to my hotel for a bit.  I know that I missed some really exceptional workshops, however, I was glad that I rested for a bit.  There’s nothing like a bit of rest to reset your spirit and your mind.

I ended up coming back in time to experience Kari Jobe, Rebecca St. James (I KNOW!!), and Gungor.  To see Rebecca St. James again and to hear a bit of her story was excellent and I fully intend on listening to her new worship album that was released a few months back.  With a brand new husband of only three months, a new album, and a new desire to love and worship the Lord, Rebecca was all smiles and humility tonight and it was amazing to hear her songs and worship tonight; it was a blessing.

GUNGOR.  GUNGOR. GUNGOR. GUNGOR.  Did I mention that Gungor led us in worship tonight?  I have been wanting to experience their show for over a year!?! What?!!? It was just a refreshing night to see a group of musicians express their love and praise and worship for the Lord in a non-traditional way.  It was a great last night for me and now…I get to share the pictures with you.

For those I met at the conference this year – it has been such a joy getting to meet you and learn about your ministries at your churches.  Continue to treasure the Lord and be obedient to His mighty calling for you and your life.  He doesn’t waste a single thing.  He wasn’t wasting time when He created and made you; He was investing in you, FULLY.

















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There are a few things I have been going through lately.  I won’t go into detail at this point because I am still trying to work it out in my mind.  Be that as it may, I have found that my subconscious KNOWS that I am struggling with this thought and it likes to have fun in my dreams.

With my best friend getting married in August and her bridal shower last night, I begin to think about what lies ahead for me?  Do I get to have a husband during my lifetime?  I was just over at my Grandmother’s house for Mother’s Day and I came across a picture of an old couple (in their 80’s) who had just gotten married.  NEITHER had been married before…they waited that long.  It was cute and frightening at the same time.

Let’s go back a bit.  When I was involved in a college ministry, we had an awesome women’s small group that would talk about everything.  One day, we were talking about marriage and I was sharing that all I needed was the ring, the wedding, and the house.  Our co-director then asked, “but, what about the man?” And my reply was non-existent.  I had completely forgotten about the man, the groom!  I wonder why that is?

As I lay in bed last night, I remember drifting off after watching ‘Mythbusters’ and then my dream began.  I was with my best friend and we were enjoying my last night of singleness before my blessed wedding day.  But I was confused, nervous, and scared.  Why?  Because I knew there was no groom.  Everyone else seemed to be excited to attend my wedding the next day, and for some reason, no one had asked where my husband-to-be was.  As the hours passed, I gradually got more and more stressed, but the party kept going, and I kept wondering how in the world I was going to find a husband in time for the ceremony.  I was totally freaking out….then I woke up.

I have been thinking about this quite a bit because of recent events in my life that some people know about…and others don’t.  Again, I don’t want to go into detail just because, but, I think that this particular dream had meaning.  Why don’t I know where my groom is?  Why does everyone else think everything is fine and it is on schedule?  Could it be that I have given them this false sense that everything is going as planned?  I think I have touched on something really close to my heart that I haven’t dealt with.  Does everyone think things are better in my life than they actually are?  I think a lot of people go through that in their lives when trying to balance what their friends know and what they are really going through in life. 

All in all, I think that my dream should not be taken lightly because…I honestly believed that I could come up with a groom at the last minute that would fill in! How crazy is that?!  I remember having drinks with my best friend and then honestly thinking through the wedding ceremony with the fill-in groom hoping that the marriage would not be legally binding!  I am amazing! 😦

All I know is that My Father is entirely about me discovering His purposes for my life and how I can give Him glory. 

“Jesus, I am resting, resting
In the joy of what Thou art
I am finding out the greatness
Of Thy loving heart”

One of my favorite people on EARTH!

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