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Well, overnight, my area of Michigan got quite a bit of very heavy snow.  I know that just about every person in the area has a story about today or last night.  At the current time, I am watching ‘Chocolat’, preparing for a solo gig, and also preparing for my trip to Austin, Texas to attend SXSW.  I am so pumped about this trip; we have awesome sponsors, a killer Michigan band lineup, and I actually have a place to lay my head EVERY NIGHT…in the same location! Maybe one day, I’ll share last year’s exploits….maybe.

Friends of mine, that I have had the honor of knowing for about four years now have been working on a pretty sweet music project since 2011.  They have an instrumental side, however, there is a singer/guitarist/drummer friend that pretty much stole my heart from the first time I heard him.  He has released a song called ‘My Love’ and I think it’s pretty perfect for today entry.  He’s funny, and you should definitely check out his work and the video…


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I’m excited to type that I may be having a guest blogger join me! I’m very curious to find out what they decide to blog about, however, I will just be patient and wait!!

I hope that everyone took at least one thing that was positive from Valentine’s Day yesterday.  I know that I enjoyed myself, but was also glad that the day was over.  I had forgotten that some people refer to Valentine’s Day as ‘Singles Awareness Day’.  I still had to chuckle. It’s clever and at the same time just a little uh…bitter.

In addition to yesterday being Valentine’s Day, it also marked the live album release (‘We Belong to the Love’) date of the band that I work for, The Ragbirds.  The Ragbirds have been a local band performing live since 2005.  Their roots, at least to me, have been in Michigan, even though I know that the lead singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter, Erin Zindle-Moore, is originally from New York.  Their music is at times difficult to describe, however, most have put them in the category of folk and world music.  Erin has written songs that have that Zydeco style, celtic style, country/bluegrass style, as well as acoustic style.  She is a versatile person, and I believe that she is someone who loves very well.

Erin and I met well over 12 years ago now when she was in another band.  She stood out as a very compassionate and loving person.  She definitely had a story, and I never thought I would be someone that would hear quite a bit of it.  I won’t go into detail about it as it is not my main intent for this post.  What I will share is that I believe she loves well, because of her whole heart being focused on a goal.  Like an imperfect person, we get distracted, we are discontented with the way we go after a goal at times, however, Erin is someone that is determined to love.  She has a great passion for the planet and its well being, she is loyal to her family and her friends, and she manages to balance all of this songwriting, touring, and planning while still being married to the love of her life, Randall.  I was recently reminded of Erin and Randall when I saw a picture this morning on the Facebook page of a project called Humans of Ann Arbor.  They asked Erin and Randall if they would like to do a quick interview for Valentine’s Day.  You can look at the picture and read the responses here.

Last summer, Erin and I went out to dinner and just did a straight forward talk about love and relationships.  I was moved by our conversation and challenged to look at love in a very practical and helpful way.  I guess in a sense I was looking at love in an isolated way.  I just looked at love as something that existed between families, friends, and marriages.  The thing with love is that if it is in you, it permeates, it should be spreading and covering over everything that you come across.  Whether you know the person working next to you or walking next to you, as a person, a human being on this earth, there should be love and compassion there.  It was definitely a different concept for me.

Now for a shameless plug as the band’s publicist.  Tonight, (if you live in southeastern Michigan or kind of close by) Erin and the band will be sharing many songs about love, joy, loss, learning, and happiness tonight in Ferndale at ‘The Magic Bag‘.  I support and work for this band because I think they are an awesome group of people that support one another and do what’s right. Erin truly writes from her heart about the experiences in this life, her life lessons, as well as those learned by others.  She truly does have a joy and excitement about her and is passionate about the music that she performs, the songs that she creates, and enjoys the company of friendly people…who doesn’t??  Their music is definitely something you can dance to and feel.  I’ve been holding onto their live album for over a month and seriously enjoy every single track; it’s good stuff and I’m glad it was finally released yesterday.  It’s good for you.

It’s always a lovely thing when you have people around you that love like you, that love differently from you, but also take the time to share about what matters to them.  I think it’s all a part of loving well and respecting those around you.  Love and respect and an appreciation for the balance of the earth are really important things.  Come out and see us tonight.  I’ll be the one dancing and singing along…oh wait, that just described 99.9% of the people.  Oh well, come find me and say hello. Let’s dance.

We Belong to the Love (Ferndale!)

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In light of the Grammy’s last night, I actually have some questions with regard to how we look at love sometimes.  I don’t know if it’s all the time, however, do you sometimes feel that the way you feel about love and the way that you love is sometimes influenced by what you hear in songs?  I would have to admit that sometimes I would have to say that ‘yes’, I believe I have been influenced by how certain artists portray attraction, relationships, and their definition of love, however, I don’t know if I would agree with them 100% of the time.

I think when it comes right down to it, there are many ways that people encounter, respond/react, appreciate love.  I am learning (EVERYDAY) that these ways do not always match my views of love, and it certainly doesn’t always satisfy me the way some people look at love.  I don’t have a particular song…ok, I lied, I have a song by Liz Longley that hasn’t been released yet, and I know I posted one of her songs a few days back.  She does something interesting with her new album and I think a few musicians have done this in the past; they have differing aspects of love that they like to share with fans.  For me, it’s helpful if things are consistent, especially with love, but HOW we love I think has to be mixed up and changed quite often, otherwise it may get stale on us!

Challenge for my subscribers/readers/friends/family:  Take this week in particular to listen to some of your favorite love songs as well as some newer “never listened to songs” and check out their ideas of love.  Are you influenced toward seeing love their way in some aspects?  Do you already easily understand how they look at love from each particular song?  Are you completely opposed to love songs? 😉

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