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Even if I spoke like everyone else on earth or in heaven but didn’t have love in my being, I’m like one of those really annoyingly stupid bike bells/horns, or like the cymbals on a really bad drum set.  Even if I was someone who could tell you of the future; answer some of the world’s biggest questions; or if I had enough faith to move the Rocky Mountains but not have love…I’m a waste of space.  If I gave everything to the guy on the crutches in front the ‘Blind Pig’ even though he was just asking for $0.50, put my body through that wretched diet cleanse that the people at ‘Whole Foods’ swear by so that I could flaunt the shed pounds, but do not have love…I really have nothing.

Love is the quiet spirit that your mom possessed when helping you with your homework as a kid, love is Mother Theresa.  Love doesn’t want what’s on someone else’s seemingly awesome plate of food, but is willing to let its own to be snagged.  Love doesn’t grab the trophy and thrust itself into the air, and love doesn’t just take pleasure in itself.  Love doesn’t put others to shame, love isn’t just thinking about love all the time, love doesn’t throw a hissy.  Love doesn’t like it when the Dark Side of the force shows its power and looks like it’s succeeding, but gets all kinds of excited when the Rebel Alliance balances everything out.  Love is a momma elephant guarding it’s child; love always trusts; love believes eternally; and love will always comes through everything.

Love aces every exam like a boss.  Those with clearly unearthly and divine speech will stop one day, those who have that freaky ability to speak in tongues will also stop, and the know-it-alls and our ability to soak up knowledge will stop.  We think we know everything, but honestly, we can’t handle the full truth, the fullness of who God is; there is a limit.  When I was a baby, I’m pretty sure I only knew that way of life, but when I grew up, I put the ignorance of youth behind me.   Just because I’m an adult and have a lot more knowledge now than I did, doesn’t mean that I see everything clearly.  (Like a friend said to me last night, as a matter of fact) Right now things are blurry down here, however, it won’t be long before we see more of God and more of what He is doing; we’ll be able to see Him as clearly as He sees us!

But for now, until we get there, it’s important to remember that He has provided us with three amazing things: we have faith, we have hope, and we have love.  The most valuable and the greatest of these things is LOVE.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Roses from a Friend.

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