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OK – just to get the answers out of the way, in case you read yesterday’s post, here are the movies:

  • Bend It Like Beckham
  • Big Trouble in Little China
  • Pride and Prejudice, or, Bride and Prejudice
  • Camelot (Richard Harris version)
  • Catch & Release
  • Down with Love
  • The Holiday
  • New Years Eve
  • Maid in Manhattan
  • Penelope
  • Sabrina
  • She’s the Man
  • Something New

How many did you nail!? ¬†Good job whatever you got; everyone’s a winner ūüėČ

I have been struggling to think of what part of love to talk about today. ¬†No, I don’t think that I reached the end of love, I just didn’t know which topic to choose.

My favorite type of love is unconditional. ¬†I think there are songs and statements about unconditional love, however, I really don’t think that we’ll ever be able to fully understand the concept of unconditional love, because, none of us are capable of it.

To me, only someone perfect could look at everything that we have ever done, currently doing, or will do, and still say at the end of it all that they still love us and that the love that they have for us had not been altered by anything. ¬†While I know that some would profess to say that they are capable of it, we are beings that can easily be affected by the outside forces that can dictate how we internally process things. ¬†I think that as much as we want to love unconditionally, we actually are incapable of loving someone as consistently as they need. ¬†The obvious example would be that of betrayal. ¬†A bold betrayal in the face of trust. ¬†Someone whom you trust implicitly with your life (perhaps) and your happiness, and they in turn do something that makes you mistrust them. ¬†Your FEELINGS for that person shift, which cause you to have an emotional shift, and a doubt of your love and affection for that person since they have challenged your patience and crossed a line. ¬†You cannot state that your love for that person isn’t altered, because it is. ¬†They have done something to you, that some would deem unforgivable, causing your sense of reality with regard to your relationship with them to falter.

This post is meant to express the need for a higher authority being involved in loving others. ¬†We cannot love one another perfectly, however, there is One who can, and He has been doing so since the creation of the world. ¬†I’m very grateful that He goes before me when it comes to having relationships with friends and family because there are so many things that I have done so incorrectly in loving people around me, however, He takes care of expressing the correct things for me when I fail. ¬†I find hope in this post because the truth in love doesn’t rest solely upon me, but His power of unconditional love that will never fail or forsake us.

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